When It Comes To Increasing Home Value, Hardwood Floors Are Your Best Bet

Flooring | Raider Flooring

  In regards to home remodeling, there are two important factors to consider before investing: 1) how long do I intend to live here, and 2) what will this investment mean for me when I go to sell? For those anticipating being in their home for five or more years, you should choose your floors,…

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Membership Has Its Privileges – Raider Flooring

By Reginald Tucker—Mike Anderson is no stranger to the flooring business. He has amassed more than 30 years in the trade over the course of his career, most of those years on the installation side. In 2017, he launched head first into a retail operation, Raider Flooring, based in Lubbock,…

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Laminate Flooring is Back – Raider

Laminate flooring | Raider Flooring

If you are looking to buy a hard surface floor (not carpet), chances are the salesperson you are working with is going to recommend Luxury Vinyl Plank. Whether it is a WPC, SPC, loose lay, click-lock, LVP, LVT, or glue down, all of these are forms of Luxury Vinyl. Are…

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Why Buy Locally Owned – Raider

Flooring samples | Raider Flooring

There are many customers who buy from locally owned and operated businesses because they like to support small businesses in the community. While this is itself a great reason to do so, there are several other reasons you might consider next time you are looking to make a purchase. The…

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