Wood Flooring in Lubbock From Raider Flooring

Wood Flooring has been around longer than any other material in use today. At Raider Flooring, Wood Flooring Lubbock is our specialty. Wood offers options in a variety of colors, styles, and manufacturing methods to meet the need of every room in your home and every flooring budget out there. There are two major categories of wood flooring: hardwood and engineered wood.

Solid Wood Vs. Engineered Wood.

Solid wood flooring is 100% hardwood milled from individual boards of lumber. You can install it in most rooms, except for moisture-prone areas like the basement and full bathrooms. For rooms with high humidity, choose an engineered wood floor.

What is an engineered wood floor?

Made of genuine wood, this flooring gives your home an updated look and feel. Engineered hardwood is made of a core of hardwood or plywood with a layer of hardwood veneer affixed to the top surface. It’s more resistant to moisture and heat compared to solid hardwood.

We Are Wood Flooring Experts!

Let one of our helpful flooring professionals guide you through the options to find the right flooring for your needs. Nothing is worse than buying a load of flooring to find out that it is not the right product halfway through the install. As seasoned flooring experts, we can help you avoid the common mistakes many shoppers make in this tricky area.


johnna Kenney

Excellent Service

Judy Schnier

We recently had hardwood installed in five rooms of our new house. The work was completed with attention to detail, professionalism, and pride in their workmanship. We would highly recommend Raider Flooring for all your flooring needs.

Pam S.

Mike Anderson and his staff are both honest and professional. I’ve used them on two different jobs, and have been extremely pleased with their labor and top quality products. I highly recommend Raider Flooring.

David Smith

I just purchased a new residence and wanted to replace carpeting throughout the house with quality hardwood. After pricing hardwood at the “big box” stores, someone told me about Raider Flooring, a new company in Lubbock, Texas started by Mike Anderson.

I went to the Raider Flooring showroom and talked personally with Mr. Anderson. He has extensive experience in the flooring business. He showed me his product lines and discussed the different types of flooring. I told him I was interested in hardwood flooring and showed him pictures of the limited hardwood already installed in the entry way to the new home. He offered to come to my new home to look at the existing floor.

Mr. Anderson came to my new home, free of charge, to look at the existing floor. He was able to immediately match the existing flooring with a beautiful selection in his inventory. I was blown away by his ability to instantly match wood grain, thickness, and color immediately. Technology is a beautiful thing!

Now, for the best part …… his prices were very competitive with the big boys, yet the personal attention and response where game changers for me. I purchased the hardwood and set up measure and installation dates. Raider Flooring showed up with a trained four-man crew that installed the beautiful new hardwood in a 3,200 sq ft home in only two days.

I personally watched these professionals at work and can say, the attention to detail was a thing of beauty. I inspected closely as the crew worked, and I must say, the work was flawless.

Mr. Anderson took the time to educate me on the proper cleaning and maintenance of this gorgeous addition to my home. The entire process was a pleasure from the moment I walked into the showroom. Raider Flooring and Mike Anderson are a throwback to a time when craftsmanship was delivered as expected.

David Smith

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